The laboratory of Dr. Abasolo receives the visit of a future investigator

Artur Aymar is sure he wants to study Biomedical Engineering; for this reason, he is happy to perform the research work in one of the VHIR’s laboratories as it is the opportunity to learn first-hand “what kind of research takes place in a real lab”.

Artur is 16 years old and he is studying 2nd Batxillerat at the Escola Pia Balmes. These days he is visiting the CIBBIM-Nanomedicine laboratory at VHIR under the supervision of Dra. Ibane Abasolo.

The aim of this visit is to prepare the research work on Nanotechnology in the treatment of cancer disease. In the first contact in the lab, Artur learned what is Nanotechnology and its application to cancer disease. He could also learn the procedures and equipment used in the laboratory.

In a more practice part, he could experience how the researchers work in three different ways: with cell cultures (in vitro), with animals (in vivo) and in the collection of animal tissues and processing of the samples to look them under the microscope.

He could also visit the animal facilities, where there are the animals used for research. Artur have never seen this kind of installations before and he could verify how the researchers take care of the animals which give great information in biomedical research.