Rodriguez-Berna, G ; Cabanas, MJD ; Mangas-Sanjuan, V ; Gonzalez-Alvarez, M ; Gonzalez-Alvarez, I ; Abasolo, I ; Schwartz S Jr ; Bermejo, M; Corma, A

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Volume: 4  Issue: 7 Pages: 86-90.  May 28, 2013


Despite that 9-substituted camptothecins are promising candidates in cancer therapy, the limited accessibility to this position has reduced the studies of these derivatives to a few standard modifications. We report herein a novel semisynthetic route based on the Tscherniac–Einhorn reaction to synthesize new lipophilic camptothecin derivatives with amidomethyl and imidomethyl substitutions in position 9. Compounds were evaluated for their antiproliferative activity, topoisomerase I inhibition, and oral availability. Preliminary data demonstrated that bulky imidomethyl modification is an appropriate lipophilic substitution for an effective oral administration relative to topotecan. In addition, this general procedure paves the way for obtaining new camptothecin derivatives.