Highlighted presence of VHIR researchers at the 11th Jornada de Recerca de l’ICS

On May 23, 2019, the Centre Tarraconense El Seminari will host the 11th Research Day organized by the Catalan Health Institute involving several researchers from the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR). This year, is dedicated to pediatric research.

The Conference will be focused on two highly topical aspects: obesity and minority diseases. In the first case, it is a serious problem that achieves epidemic characteristics; At the opposite end, regarding the number of people affected, we find the second, since they are diseases with very little incidence and, consequently, with the risk of ignorance due to ignorance.

A number of researchers from the VHIR participate in the round table on minority diseases in paediatrics. Sandra Rovira Amigo of the Growth and Development group who will talk about Molecular characterization of primary ciliary dyskinesia. Jesús Quintero Bernabéu, from the group of Digestive Transplants, will explain the transplantation of hepatocytes to congenital metabolism errors. Manuel López Paredes, head of the CIBBIM-Nanomedicine. Bioengineering, Cell Therapy and Surgery in Congenital Malformations, will talk about Non-Surgical Manipulation of the Thoracic wall. Raquel Hladun, is part of the Translational Research in Child and Adolescent Cancer group will explain the case of personalized medication: a new challenge in the treatment of pediatric cancer. Finally, Eduard Sarró Tauló of the CIBBIM-Nanomedicine. Kidney Physiopathology will talk about new goals and therapeutic solution to prevent kidney disease in Dent disease.

During the day different awards will be given: to the young researcher in the ICS hospitals, to the nursing research career of the ICS, to the best research article in health sciences developed by a predoctoral researcher from the ICS and the associated research institutes; to the best research article in health sciences prepared by one or a professional of the residents’ program and to the best poster of the Jornada de Recerca de l’ICS.

The Jornades de Recerca de l’Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) are a great opportunity to publicize the research being carried out in its research institutes and to create a space for communication and exchange of experiences from the beginning of the various round tables and posters presented there.

Pediatrics encompasses all periods of human development: from conception (and even before, considering planning and genetic counseling) to the beginning of adulthood. What happens to a person during this period has a direct and indelible repercussion for the rest of his life. You can only become a healthy adult, in the global sense of the word, if you have reached that age in the right conditions.

Pediatric research is complex; It often requires involvement of families, work in collaboration and is done, most of the time, in healthy patients. Research networks shared between centers are fundamental, since they allow multicentre clinical trials; transnational research, to be able to add patients with rare diseases; Shared experiences, and a broad debate on preliminary results. Despite the difficulties it is imperative, because, as the motto of this 11th Jornada de Recerca de l’ICS says, «The research of the present in paediatrics to guarantee a good future».

More information and inscriptions at http://ics.gencat.cat/ca/recerca/11-jornada-de-recerca-de-lics/