Gomes-da-Silva LC, Fernández Y, Abasolo I, Schwartz S Jr, Ramalho JS, Pedroso de Lima MC, Simões S, Moreira JN.

Nanomedicine (Lond). 2013 Sep;8(9):1397-413.




The design of novel F3-targeted liposomes with adequate features for systemic administration, to enable efficient intracellular delivery of siRNA toward both cancer and endothelial cells from angiogenic blood vessels.


Cellular association studies were performed by flow cytometry. Gene silencing was evaluated with eGFP-overexpressing cells, by flow cytometry and real-time reverse-transcription PCR. Safety and immunogenicity was assessed in CD1 mice.


A strong improvement on siRNA internalization by the target cells was achieved, which was correlated with effective downregulation of eGFP. In addition, the F3-targeted liposomes were nonimmunogenic, even in a multiadministration schedule.


Overall, the developed F3-targeted nanocarrier constitutes a valuable tool for the specific and safe systemic delivery of siRNA to solid tumors.