VHIR proposals for Sant Jordi

Here you have our three recommendations for this Sant Jordi’s Day: ‘En Roc al Planeta Mascareta’, ‘Nano-Oncology, the Turning Point’ and ‘Aians’. These three books are written by professionals from Vall d’Hebron Hospital.

En Roc al Planeta Mascareta

Roc is a kid who after escaping from the paws of a terrible dragoon (the disease), with the help of his horse (his family), arrives to Mascareta Planet (the hospital), where he will live many adventures and many people will help him (clinicians, nurses, psicologists…). The adventures represent different phases of the disease.

The authors of the book are two nurses of the Oncohematology Service, Raquel Moya and Carmen Biota, and the Acuna Patata association. The price of the tickets is 6 euros that will directly go to the research in Child Cancer at VHIR. You can buy the book on Sant Jordi’s Day from 9AM to 3.30PM in front of the maternal and child building. You can also buy it through the website of the association and by email to Dr. Miguel Segura.

Nano-Oncology, the Turning Point

“Far from the public perception that nanotechnology and nanomedicine are still trending topics of science fiction, a new emerging reality is deepening its roots in our society and people begins to realize that a new giant wave is going to smash our shores in the form of a technological revolution… and the impact might even go beyond imagination”, wrote Dr. Simó Schwartz, head of the CIBBIM-Nanomedicine, in the foreword of Prof. Victor Puntes’ book.  Sharing his professional and personal experiences in the laboratory and the teaching, Dr. Puntes, who is currently working as a researcher in the CIBBIM-Nanomedicine area at VHIR, leads us in this fascinating revolution through the pages of his book.

Dr. Puntes describes how nanotechnology is revolutionizing cancer treatments. Despite huge efforts, medical science has been unable to generate a drug that can cure cancer completely and efficiently. The reason for this is that fundamental problems lie not in the drug itself, but in the way in which it is delivered and how it reaches the tumor. This lack of control and precision is present in other therapies, where a lack of specificity can thus damage healthy cells. One of the major goals in nanomedicine is to apply nanotechnology for the sustained, controlled and targeted delivery of therapeutic agents.

You can his outreach work on Amazon.


The first novel of Dr. Jaume Ferrer, head of the Pneumology group at VHIR, jumps into his native island, Mallorca, to describe the fictitious town called ‘Aians’.

The book portrays the island with the dialogues of five characters from different generations. All the action happens in three days in which the reader will explore the past of the island, its social and economic transformation, and the contrasts between the old and the new society.

You can buy the book on the webpage of Arola Editors.