FVPR with its two technological platforms, the In vitro Experimentation Platform and the In Vivo Experimentation Platform, seeks offering the industry and other research groups an integrated set of services to test new biomedical applications for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Such new applications are often based on nanotechnology, since our customers highly appreciate our strong background in nanomedicine.
FVPR in its commitment to satisfy the requirements of our clients, including the requirements related to the services and the legal and regulatory requirements of the organization itself, has implemented a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard. This ISO 9001:2015 certification  from TÜVRheinland, validates the quality and consistency of our preclinical research services.

Our Quality Policy Statement includes the
The Mission of FVPR is

  1. To provide the scientific community, research groups and biotechnological-pharmaceutical companies with a leading technological platform for the preclinical development of compounds with therapeutic or diagnostic activity, especially those based on nanotechnology. Our commitment consists in offering an integral service, from the characterization of the nanotechnological system or the compound in development up to the in vitro and in vivotesting.
  2. Providing FVPR professionals with a work environment that contributes to meeting these challenges, offering opportunities and training that facilitate creativity, exploration and development of innovative services, suited to current and future demands of customers.

The Vision to which FVPR aspires is to become a national and European reference in the validation (proof of concept) and development (preclinical regulatory and non-regulatory) of nanotechnological-based materials with clinical application.