The artist Josep Moscardó collaborates with VHIR by donating his Montjuïc Nit work

“Montjuïc nit” is the artist’s Josep Moscardó personal perspective of a set of emblematyc areas of Barcelona such as Montjuïc Hill, the Olympic ring on Montjuïc, the Paral·lel or the Port.

Moscardó has donated a silk-screen printing edition of his work with a handwritten signature and numbering in order to help fundraising for research on Paediatric Surgery at Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research (VHIR).

At present, researchers on paediatric surgery are working for the development of new therapies aimed at preventing and repairing congenital malformations in foetal stage that may cause severe diseases if these are not treated before birth. At the same time, the researchers develop innovative reconstructive surgical techniques and they use molecular therapy for tissue regeneration.

The price for each copy is €120. The full amount is intended to finance the projects being developed by the research group with a 27.5% tax relief for legal person and 35% for companies.

The screen printing is printed in 8 inks in Somerset textured paper, 100% cotton 300 gr/m²,  38×28 cm, delivered into a corporate folder and a bag or an envelope.

Those who are interested in buying a copy, please, contact our Patronage unit at VHIR:

T. 934 893 000 / ext. 4931



In cash or by bank transference.



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