Dr. Simó Schwartz, Scientific, appointed president of the European Society for Nanomedicine (ESNAM)

The objectives of ESNAM are to promote nanomedicine research and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among its members (currently, about 800 members). According to Dr. Simó Schwartz “the dissemination of specialized infrastructure in nanomedicine, like NANBIOSIS, among members of the society and its utilities is also an object of ESNAM. This is intended to strengthen European technological capabilities, use, and improvement of clinical transfer”.

Society members represent different sectors of the scientific community: doctors, biologists, chemists, pharmacists, physical …. The technical office of the ESNAM in Barcelona is located in the Vall d’Hebron Hospital and is coordinated by Aida Castellanos, CIBER-BBN R&D+i Project Manager.

In addition, Dr. Schwartz has also been appointed a member of the executive board of the International Society of Nanomedicine (ISN), a newly established company that includes the American Association, Korean and European, ESNAM, among others. This entity will organize the 2nd year of summer in Barcelona Nanomedicine 2017, this year held in South Korea.