Dr. Simó Schwartz Jr, appointed editorial Board member of the Precision Nanomedicine journal

In the coming days the Precision Nanomedicine journal will see the light, in its online version that is already being finalised. Dr. Simón Schwartz Jr, director of CIBBIM-Nanomedicine, is one of only two Spanish researchers who are part of the editorial board of the journal. The rest of editors belong to the United States, Australia, Japan and Europe.

Precision Nanomedicine is a publication promoted by the European Society of Nanomedicine (ESNAM), the European Foundation of Nanomedicine and the Clinical Nanomedicine Conference (CLINAM). Born with the desire to bring together the most important opinion leaders in this area, spread the concept of Precision Nanomedicine and promote their application in the clinical setting using nanomedicines in a personalized way, depending on the patient and the pathology. Within this will of making a widespread dissemination of knowledge, the access to the journal will be open.

«That someone from our Campus can be part of the select group of editors of this journal is a way to visualize the weight so relevant that we have in Namomedicina in Europe. All thanks to the fact that Vall d’Hebron Campus is considered a centre of reference in this field,» emphasizes Dr. Schwartz Jr., head of the research group CIBBIM-Nanomedicine. Drug Delivery and Targeting of the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR).

«The launch of the journal is produced at a very opportune time given the high number of nanodrugs which are coming to the clinic or clinical trials phase and the fact that some of them, for example, already are drugs of choice in cancer treatments,» says Dr. Schwartz, Jr.