Created BSURE Medical, a new spin-off of the VHIR

The creation of BSURE Medical represents the culmination of the valuation and transfer strategy carried out by the VHIR Innovation Unit of a research project of which Dr. Jaume Alijotas Reig and Dr. Simo Schwartz Jr are the main researchers and promoters.

The groups of Dr. Alijotas and Dr. Schwartz Jr have developed a procedure that makes it possible to reliably and easily determine the risk of suffering serious late-onset immune, local, regional or systemic adverse effects (edema, angioedema, induration of skin, multiple inflammatory nodules, panniculitis, even granulomatous or autoimmune diseases…) after implantation of an injectable biomaterial, such as dermal or subcutaneous fillers. This risk is strongly associated with the presence of certain antigen profiles in a biological sample of the individual, which allows them to be easily identified from the analysis of blood or saliva samples. «With this procedure we can identify people who have a very high risk of suffering serious late adverse effects if dermal fillers are injected and, therefore, it is a very useful predictive and preventive tool», says Dr. Alijotas, scientific advisor of the company.

The technology is patented and has been validated in two independent clinical trials coordinated by the Systemic Autoimmune Diseases Unit of the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona and by the Dermatology Department of the Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam and the Department of Plastic Surgery, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam. The VHIR has granted BSURE a license to use and exploit it exclusively and worldwide. The patent has already been granted in Europe, Brazil and Japan.

BSURE, headquartered in Catalonia, has the participation of VHIR and Dr. Alijotas and Dr. Schwartz Jr as shareholders and scientific advisers, as well as other international companies that are also part of the shareholders.

BSURE aims to be the first platform company of independent, transparent and trustworthy products and services, for the diagnosis, prevention and consultation of aspects related to treatments with all types of bioimplants. BSURE has designed a very important investment and international expansion strategy, and already has investment companies interested in starting commercialization in the Netherlands and Brazil.

The internal approval process for this spin-off, authorized by the VHIR Board of Trustees on July 9, 2020, has had the participation of the VHIR Innovation and Legal Units, as well as its entire Management Team. For its part, the VHIR Innovation Unit has contributed at the forefront in the entire process of valuation and transfer of the project, through the continuous analysis of the strengths and risks of its business model, the investigation of opportunities for valuation, leadership of the negotiation of its key aspects and the coordination of the relationships between the parties involved.

The constitution of the spin-off BSURE represents the achievement of one of the objectives of the VHIR, which is the translation of the results of biomedical research into new products and services of high value and clinical, social and economic impact.