Victor F. Puntes, Kannan M. Krishnan and Paul Alivisatos

Applied Physics Letters. 78, 2187 (2001)

A method of producing high-quality magnetic colloidal dispersions by the rapidpyrolysis of cobalt carbonyl in an inert atmosphere was employed to produce monodispersed, stabilized, defect-free ε-cobalt nanocrystals, with spherical shapes and sizes ranging from 3 to 17 nm. The size distribution and the shape of the nanocrystals were controlled by varying the surfactant (oleic acid,phosphonic oxides and acids, etc.), its concentration, and the reaction temperature. These particles have been observed to produce two-dimensionalself-assemblies when evaporated at low rates in a controlled atmosphere. A collective behavior due to dipolar interactions has been observed in the low susceptibility measurements corresponding to a highly ordered fine particles system.